The Poet Shack is an interactive installation celebrating the storytelling that happened on this land, through the stories and traditions of the Myaamia people to the academic and creative endeavors that Miami University faculty, students, and alumni undergo. While we hope to present themes of land and home as a present and personal thing, we also hope to show how the essence of storytelling and its art survives and thrives in the face of adversity. The crucial factor of this is of course the support we gain from all around us. Whether that support comes from nature, from our loved ones, or even from an institution such as the support Percy MacKaye received from Miami as artist-in-residence, it all provides that spark that allows us to communicate - and do so beautifully.

So join the MUDFF and ETBD in a tour through history grounded by the dirt under your feet. Learn about the original Poet Shack, inhabited by writer Percy MacKaye in the early 1920s, as well as about famous Miami alumni Rita Dove and the Myaamia poet Emma Moore Baty. And of course, featured will be the work of current Miami students, as this land is present and home for us.